So I’ve been sick for about a week and I’m getting quite tired of it. I’ve done less work than I’d liked to have done and don’t even start me on the number of social events I’ve missed out. The fact I tried working all evening while everyone else was spilling green beer should be an indication of how untimely this illness is.

The thing I can’t believe is how limited this cold is in terms of symptoms. My nose isn’t really all that runny and it sure isn’t stuffed up. I don’t have pains or headaches. I’m not tired or fatigued. So what’s the problem? I’ve got a cough that’s just kicking my ass. Every half hour or so, I get these uncontrollable coughing fits where it feels like my body is trying to cough up an alien that’s been breeding in my lungs. In between those fits, I just cough regularly. And here’s another weird thing, sometimes my cough is “productive”, other times it’s just a dry, hacking cough. That makes buying medicine a real treat because I’ve read you should never suppress a productive cough. Do I buy a cough medicine with a suppressant or an expectorant?

Well, I’ve had it with this poopy cold. I’m going to see a doctor tomorrow to get some professional advice. I don’t care if she prescribes a rectal lozenge, I’m doing whatever it takes to get better.

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