So I think things are slowly returning to normal here at the offices of We’ve removed all the water out of the lunch room and sweeping up the last of the glass out by reception. Gosh darn it, good old Jimmy spent all night just putting the mailroom back in shape. I knew I made the right decision when I hired that kid right off the street.

Speaking of mail, all the e-mail that’s been accumulating is still trickling into my inbox. I got several e-mails from Saturday just today. If you still don’t know what happened, here’s the short story: the guy who fixes my server left town to get married and didn’t leave a contingency plan. I scrambled for days to get it fixed. It actually took longer because the server went down on Friday night and I couldn’t get anyone at the network operations office until Monday. If there’s one person I have to thank, it’s Roland, who answered my desperate plea for help and got my message to the right people. Thanks once again Roland. And thanks also to Sarah, who let me have a little of her own blog space.

Not having my web site, my blog, and my primary e-mail for three straight days was not a pleasant experience. You can probably guess why the e-mail was so important, but I really missed my blog too. I thought at first it might be nice to take a little blog vacation. Writing one entry a day can be more taxing than you think, especially with the demands of school. I genuinely missed writing stuff. Whether it was an update to the guy that got his testicles ripped off by chimps or the fact I had dinner at Stepho’s for the first time on Saturday, I wanted to write about it.

What I did learn from this little episode is to always have a back up plan. In this case, it’s in the form of It’s easy to remember (I hope) and it’s hosted a completely different server. If this site ever goes down, that’s where you should go.

Alright, here’s to some dependability in the near future.

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