At first it was my web server, now it’s my own computer. I’ve experienced some spectacular crashes in Windows XP for about the last day and a half. I’ve seen things happen that I’ve never even heard of. While I was working on my resume tonight, something happened and this window popped up. It told me a serious error had occurred and that I should hurry up and save all my work because XP was going to reboot in one minute. In the corner there was this countdown until restart. Of course, when the time ran down to zero, my computer anti-climatically just sat there. Apparently, even the restart utility had crashed. I had hit the manual reset button to get things going again.

In other news, I did not go to Stephen’s wedding dinner tonight, depriving me a meal of roast lamb, golden potatoes, and rice. I felt tired all day and didn’t want to talk to anyone. What kind of guest would I have been? Just some grumpy Gus sitting in the corner, eating his lamb, and sending the children running with his horrendous hacking cough.

Anyways, I’m going to see if I can crash my computer while editing some other important documents. Take care kids!

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