I went shopping again on Satuday afternoon. This time, the crowds were not as sparse as Friday evening. There were more people milling about on the streets and in the mall downtown.

I did some street shopping for a bit before heading back into Pacific Centre via The Bay. As I was walking towards one of the doors I was right behind this lady. There was a steady stream of people using these doors at this particular entrance. As she got to the door, she held it open just long enough to get herself in, but not anyone behind her. I thought that was really rude of her.

With the crowds being what they are, I’d say nearly everyone I’ve been in front of has had the courtesy to hold the door open for me. I’m not talking about stop-walking-hold-the-door-for-me-and-let-me-go-in-first type of door holding, I mean the push-the-door-back-while-you’re-going-through-so-the-person-behind-you-can-get-through-too type of door holding.

I really surprised by her level of rudeness. I had to open the door all the way myself. When I got through the doors, I noticed she was going down a set of stairs that was divided by a hand-railing. She was going down the right side of the stairs. Quickly, I raced down the left side to catch up to her. Just as she got to the bottom of the stairs, I deftly cut right in front of her path.

I wish I could tell you that some more entertaining things happened after I cut her off, but that didn’t happen. I hope she got really, really, really annoyed for like a nanosecond. Yeah, I’m a bad boy. Take note ladies, I’m dangerous.

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