Dinner was less than ideal tonight, meatless tortellini. I almost considered not going to SJC for dinner, but I went anyways for the social interaction. Considering I didn’t really eat lunch or breakfast, this dinner left me hungry as hell at 11pm. So, I walked on over to the McDonald’s in the village. When I got there, it was already closed! They shut down early for “upgrades”. That McDonald’s closes early more times than any other restaurant I’ve ever seen. Plus, they always have the longest lines. Anyways, so I’m waiting for a steak to defrost so I can fry it up and get some protein.

My field trip today was quite productive. I got my extra RAM and my ink cartridge. The RAM installed without a hitch. Everything is more zippier in Windows XP now. Half-Life 2 performance is great now. It used to stutter after every level loaded as it cached elements to the hard drive. With more RAM though, the stuttering is gone and it plays as smooth as a freshly shorn scrotum. However, in the process of twiddling with HL2 after installing more RAM, I discovered I had been playing under the “Easy” difficulty level the entire time. I know I picked “Medium” at the beginning of the game, I’m not sure how it got changed. Anyways, among gaming geeks, playing a game on “Easy” is akin to being the adult champion in a kids’ karate class. There’s just no honour in doing that. I’ve set it back to “Medium” and believe me, I saw the difference immediately. This basically ensures that I’ll have to play the game again during the holidays.

Well, my steak is ready for cooking, I’ll see everyone later.

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