So the plan tonight was to play the last organized game of hockey before the holidays. I get changed and grab my hockey gear and head off to SJC at 10pm. I get there and see a lot of people in the social lounge. Adam comes outside to greet me. For a guy that supposed to be playing hockey it seems weird that he’s dressed in a sweater, khakis, and moccasins. He tells me that hockey doesn’t look like it’s going to happen.

I look inside the social lounge and everyone is watching the extended version of The Return of the King. Eh, no big deal, we’ll just start play again in the new year. I go inside and watch about half an hour of the movie. I figure I’ll leave and go back and clean up my place. While I’m watching the movie, Eddy, Chiming, and Woba come up to me.

“We’re gonna go drink some beers at Koerner’s.”

I join them at the pub. It’s pretty dead in there. No girls to speak of. We have a few beers and talk about SJC life in general. It’s a good time to be had by all. Pretty soon, we all get hungry. The decision is made to go to McDonald’s. I’m still carrying my hockey stick at this point. We make our way over to McDonald’s. The place is packed with guys, not a single girl is there. Something about the late hour and desire for fast food has brought out the guys. Meanwhile, the girls and their clean arteries are safe at home.

We consume our grease and talk more about SJC, the future, the past, and why impicit integration doesn’t work with large time steps. I notice some interesting fellas in the restaurant. There’s two old guys in the corner who seem to be emanating some serious BO. One guy walks in with a 7-11 bag full of muffins and pastries. He doesn’t order anything, just sits down to the table next to us and starts eating.

Then it’s time to leave and the nice guys are nice enough to walk me home. I wonder if I’ll go shopping tomorrow…

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