I had an interesting evening tonight. I spent most of it working on my project. From a software perspective, this is the probably the most ambitious thing I’ve done. Though that air-traffic control simulator I did in 2002 comes pretty close. Anyways, for this project, I had to write a small software tool to help me get another part of my project done. I’ve never done that before. Writing software that will help me write another piece of software. I feel so grown up.

After verifying that my tool actually worked, I made my way down to Koerner’s to see the SJC crew after their holiday dinner. The turnout was really good. The highlight was seeing Woba completely drunk. I had fun pulling him off women the entire time. I was there less than an hour because I had to get back to my work. We actually made our way to the Pit, but it was closed, so I basically went home.

I am maybe a day and a half away from finishing the code for my project and then comes the dreaded report write-up. Who knows how long that will take. The good thing is, the minute I hand in the report, I officially go on holidays.

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