So I’m in the shower soaping up my back hair when a thought pops into my head, “What happens when the power goes off at St. John’s College?”

The reason I wonder is that all outside access doors are secured via locks that use keycards. You wave a keycard over a sensor pad and the little LED turns green and the door is unlocked. I imagine this system must run off of some power. Where does this power come from? Batteries? Or does it come from the main power?

I’m guessing it comes from the main power since how long would a battery last? It would be very inconvenient if the battery ran out and no one could use the door until it was replaced.

What happens when the main power goes off though? Would the sensor pads still be able to operate? Do these doors effectively become inaccessible until the power goes back on? Or is there a battery backup?

In the two years I lived there, I don’t think the power went off once in the daytime for any appreciable amont of time.

I wonder…

“What do you mean ‘they cut the power’? How could they cut the power, man? They’re animals!”

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