This morning, I registered the domain As some of you may already know, that just happens to be the name of my sister.

I’ve had my eye on that domain for almost three years now. As luck would have it, someone also in Vancouver had it. The annoying thing was the owner didn’t do anything with the site. At first, it just re-directed to another weird site. Then for the last year or so, it didn’t go anywhere. I actually thought I had a chance about a year ago, when the renewal date came up, but the owner renewed at the last minute.

This year though, I kept watching the domain status and I knew something was up when it lapsed beyond the renewal date. The catch is, just because it goes past the renewal date, a domain can still get rescued by the owner at the very last second.

This time, however, that didn’t happen. On Sunday morning, returned to the pool of publicly available domains such as After receiving the final confirmation from my sister, I registered the domain on her behalf.

She still isn’t sure what she’s going to do with the domain, but for starters we’ve setup an e-mail account. Her e-mail address follows the same pattern as mine, so you can probably guess what it is.

We talked briefly about the other Tracy Tangs in the world who might have been interested in the domain. We know there’s a health care administrator in Florida with the same name. Strangely enough she’s not of Asian descent. Donna Changstein anyone? There’s also a Tracy Tang who is a successful publisher. She’s worked at many large companies like Penguin Books.

I wonder if they’ll come looking at the site?

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