One of the benefits of running this little dog and pony show is that anyone can go on Google find my site. Over the years, I’ve had numerous former classmates find me and some even send a little message. I wonder about the people who don’t send me anything, but continue to read the site.

Anyways, just a few days ago, a former high school classmate stumbled upon my site while looking for lesbian porn researching schools. She sent me an e-mail updating me on her life. While it was short, it was a nice little note. The last sentence read as follows:

Good luck with your life (from your intro it seems as though you need it)

I’m pretty sure it was said in jest. Even if it wasn’t, those things in my intro aren’t even true anymore. About the girlfriend… oh wait… ok… well then there’s the car… no… yeah… well, that part about having a poor paying job ain’t true… I don’t even have a job anymore…

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