So I’m having dinner at SJC tonight. At my table is Shawn, Frank, Joel, and Malcolm. A resident that moved in at the beginning of September joins us. The resident is female. As with many SJC dinner conversations, the talk goes geeky… fast. Somehow the topic is changed to Star Wars. We talk about which of those movies might be shown during SJC Movie Night. Then, as if that wasn’t bad enough, someone mentions Alien vs. Predator. This is where it gets really bad. There’s a long discussion about the movie, what was wrong with it, etc.

It’s at this point the female resident hits the eject button and punches out of our table. She picks up her tray faster than you can say “chestburster” and high-tails it to the table next to us. Ha ha ha… I can laugh about it because this has happened to me so many times. Several minutes go by before I mention it to the group. Frank doesn’t bat an eye, he seems to be a veteran of the “table change” by now.

There’s been a lot of change at SJC, but some things will never change.

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