Tuesday will be a milestone day in my life. It will be the first day where I am enrolled in university yet I will not be living on-campus. I have completed seven years of post-secondary education in my life. Each and every one of those days where class was in session, I woke up that morning in residence. I have never commuted to university in my entire life. I know nothing other than having to walk to class. I have never feared traffic jams nor broken down buses. Forgetting an assignment at home has meant nothing to me. Packing a lunch? Why the hell would I do that?

On Tuesday, everything changes. Well, actually not really. On Tuesday, I’m sitting in on a class that I’m not even taking. Then I have a meeting at 4pm. I still have to bus it out to UBC though. I have my first real class on Wednesday, after which I don’t have to be at UBC until next week. Tough, eh?

Seriously though, I’ll start packing my bag with more care. I can’t forget important documents. I’ll have to remember to bring all my pens, pencils, and a ruler. I’ll have to pack food for when there’s no time to run off to grab a bite to eat. I’ll have to actually read the weather reports to plan what to wear, rather than dressing for the next hour or so.

I’ll just need to hold on until September 20 and then I can go back to all my old habits again.

I’ve written this before and I’m going to again, I hate the first couple weeks of a new term. Everything feels so unsettled. I feel so unsure about how the term is supposed to go. I’m always wondering what classes to take. I’m scared I’ll pick the wrong ones. And even when I do pick them, I’m always thinking if I made the right choice. To be honest, I like it better several weeks in, because even though the real work has started, I’m into a groove by then. I know what to expect and I’m moving along.

So, here comes Tuesday, the first day of school. Hey, I’m not even sure when I need to catch the bus to get to class on time!

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