On Sunday I attended a surprise birthday party at the False Creek Community Centre on Granville Island. It was for my friend Sarah O. Her husband Brad works at the FCCC and arranged for the whole thing.

I guess she was quite surprised to see us all. There was a BBQ and lots of food. I can tell you I have a new respect for the quality of meat they sell down on Granville Island. Bryan and Sarah K. bought this huge chunk of marinated sirloin. Man, that thing looked good. I had a small sample. Tasty!

After the food was consumed, we played with the Eyetoy on the FCCC PS2. That was a lot of fun. You look stupid doing it, but it’s well worth it. Next, we played a party game and had some birthday cake.

Then Brad decided to bring out the Bouncy Castle. If you can imagine men and women in their late twenties jumping up and down in an inflatable castle, that was what happened.

The whole thing was brought out in the gym of the FCCC. It had windows along two sides and people could watch us act like idiots. The best part though was when Brad out the dodgeballs. These were the real deal, balls made especially for dodgeball. Brad has a wicked arm and he whipped three at me in quick succession. Luckily, I was able to enter into bullet time and dodged all his attempts. Several of us started throwing balls at Brad since he was so much better than us.

Maddy found the equipment room and put on a hockey mask. She also grabbed a tennis racquet and started throwing dodgeballs at her. I didn’t realize at first we were supposed to loft the balls at her so I nailed her.

Brad then organized us for a game of Quidditch dodgeball. He came up with the game himself. The rules are too long to explain, but I will say it’s probably the most fun I’ve had in a while.

Here are some pics from the day.

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