I came to the stark conclusion last evening that the Calgary Flames will win the Stanley Cup on Saturday night.

I’ve been watching hockey since I was five years old. I’ve seen countless games. I’ve watched playoff series come and go. I’ve witnessed stars in the making and legends retire. After all this, I like to think among the unpredictablities of sport, there are certain things you can count on.

The first is to never discount the power of will. I believe the Flames have won several games on sheer will. They just wanted to win more than the other team, regardless of skill level, injuries, or common sense.

The second thing is the power of fate. I know it sounds weird to be talking about both will and fate. They seem mutually exclusive. If you’re willing something to happen, then it’s really not fate is it? My belief is that will alone can’t get things done. I’m trying to get a lot of things to happen in my life right now, but I know for sure I won’t get all of them. Fate is the final ingredient that tips the scale one way or the other.

The power of fate is behind the Calgary Flames. They are the Canadian team that shouldn’t have gone this far. They are the team with the wrong players to be in the final. Given their rocky start, they should not have had their success thus far.

Considering all this, it would be a slam-dunk then, that fate would rally behind the Flames. Also consider the fact that the Flames will be playing game six at home. There is no better way to win the Cup than in front of your fans.

So, as I finish this post, I begrudingly accept that the Calgary Flames will be the 2004 Stanley Cup champions.

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