Since about Monday night, the server which handles my web hosting and e-mail has been experiencing a major malfunction.

Around 1am in the morning, it decides to quit. Every morning, I call Stephen to reboot the server. Afterwards, all the mail I’ve been not reading starts to trickle in.

Today, Stephen told me he has no idea why this is happening nor does he have the time to figure it out right now. In fact, he has advised me to back up any files I need as soon as possible. He’s leaving for Texas on a two-day business trip. What does this mean?

It most likely means I will not be able to receive e-mail on my primary account. For now, please use It also means that I won’t be able to post to this blog. For some reason, you’ll probably still be able to access the site, but I won’t be able to write to it.

Alright, I have to end this here and go back up some files. See you on the other side!

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