Last week, a few of us were down at the beach one evening. My friend Bryan and I were discussing his impending trip to Las Vegas for his brother’s wedding.

He was mentioning how the show outside of the Treasure Island hotel had changed. When I went to Vegas, they had this huge production several times a night outside the hotel. It was a basically a choreographed fight between two ships. While it was very impressive with explosions and such, it was also very family-friendly.

Bryan told me that’s changed however. The show has been re-vamped and it’s called The Sirens of TI. As you may have guessed, it been sexed up considerably. Apparently, gone is the old-fashioned battle between good and evil, now replaced with the struggle between sexy and sexier. Bryan also informed me that the whole show can be viewed on webcam.

That got me thinking about another web cam that I know about in Las Vegas. This one is located at the Hard Rock Hotel Resort. This is an awesome place to stay. The Hard Rock contains a large artifical beach complete with palm trees. The hotel is itself is very trendy. It also has a concert venue that books big name acts. Short of staying there, the best thing about it is its collection of web cams. The Hard Rock uses probably the most sophisticated set of web cams on the market today.

Most web cams are static, streaming a single set image in real-time. The ones at the Hard Rock, however, are completely interactive. You can zoom and pan based on your input. See something that catches your eye? You can move the cam and zoom in on your target. There are four main areas that you can see: the pool, the bar, the restaurant, and the hotel store. The pool area itself is covered by two cameras.

The pool cams are, um, the most interesting by far. Though, there are some suprises to be found at the other places as well. Here’s a sample of what you might see on one of the pool cams.

There’s an archive of user-chosen pictures to look through if you happen to visit during the night. Click here to have a look for yourself!

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