I have cast my vote in today’s federal election. I showed up at work this morning and talked to my boss. Even before I spoke about the election she wanted to be sure that I was going to vote today. She even brought up the three hours I was legally entitled to have to go vote. Sweet.

What made it even better was that she implied I probably didn’t need to come in after I went to go vote. This was the start of the best voting day ever. As the morning wore on, I finally came up with an acronym for this summer program I’m involved with. It’s a new program to get ESL first-year engineering students up to speed with grammar and language. I’m scheduled to teach two lectures in it. Anyways, my boss asked me if I had any ideas for the program name. This morning I came up with ASSIST, Applied Science Summer International Student… then I got stuck on the T. I told my boss and she said, “What about Training Program?” And there was the complete, yet long, acronym for our program.

Applied Science Summer International Student Training Program

Well, with that triumph over, it was almost lunchtime. A little more diddling around and I was off back to SJC. I met up with Pat and Phil. We drove to the University Chapel to cast our ballots. I took a little longer since I had to get my registration changed. Total time at the church was ten minutes.

Next, we headed off to Wendy’s for lunch near Broadway and Heather. It was then I realized I still had several hours before I had to go back to work. With the nice weather and all, I declared it as “the best voting day ever”. Lunch was efficient yet pleasant. We arrived back home just shortly before 2pm. I checked my e-mail and then napped for a bit. I got up, shaved, and then changed into some shorts.

I decided to go pay my phone bill and then made a leisurely walk back to work. I’m here now and am about ready for a solid half hour of work before I end “the best voting day ever”.

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