I have never pulled an all-nighter before, but I came pretty damn close last night. I worked pretty hard from after dinner on, but I was very effective after midnight.

I took only a few breaks for food and by 5:30am, I had finished a big question in my assignment. I rolled into bed around 6:15am and by then it was light outside.

Before sleeping, I briefly entertained the thought of going to my animation physics class at 9:30am. It was about only three hours away. It didn’t make any sense though, either I’d be sleeping in class for sure or sleeping in my bed. I chose to sleep in bed.

I set my alarm for 11am and I dozed off.

11am came way too soon and I got up kind of groggy. My assignment was due at 5pm. I had about six hours left to do as much as I could. My first thought was that I was thirsty and hungry. A cup of hot water slaked my thirst, but I had no food in my room. It was nearly lunchtime and I wanted to get a hearty meal that would last me until 5pm. I decided to get a burger from The Barn. They’ve got nearly a pound of ground beef in them. It took me less than 15 minutes to come back with my food.

After consuming my food, I started worked again until 12:30pm. I worked steadily throughout the afternoon. I was amazed. I was not distracted in the least. Usually my mind wanders quite a bit when I work, but not this time. I was very focussed. Around 4pm, I managed to hammer out the last two questions in my assignment, though I was missing parts here and there. The last part clearly was going to take several hours, so I was done.

At 5pm, I went to class and handed in my assignment. I won’t get an “A”, but no one can doubt the effort I put into it.

I am going to enjoy sleeping in tomorrow.

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