My sore throat was much improved this morning. I actually made it to my class on time even. I was feeling great for a while, but then I could some congestion coming on and by the end of the class I was not so good. I was damn tired too. A nap before my lunch time class helped, but I still wasn’t exactly refreshed.

I was feeling fine this evening, but about an hour ago, I began to feel the effects of a cough coming on. The telltale signs of an irritated throat are indicating that I might be coughing up a lung by tomorrow night. I hate coughs, they are the worst. I’d rather have a stuffed up nose for five extra days than have a cough. I hate all that hacking you do and no one around you wants to hear that either.

Right now I can control the urge to cough, but I wonder how bad it will be by tomorrow. I’ll probably be going to the drug store tomorrow to pick up a cough suppressant and some cough drops.

Well, I’m off to bed… in about an hour… or two.

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