I’m ass-deep in a sucky assignment, so I don’t have time for the usual Nobel-winning entries you’ve been accostomed to. As such, I direct you towards some of the sites I read for fun. – Ok, maybe that isn’t the address, but it looks cool. Sarah is a visiting post-doc from Australia staying here at SJC. She’s also a pretty cool lady and the youngest Ph.D that I know. – Again, that’s not the real address, but just click on the link. Carolyn is also another SJC resident. Of all the people I know from Arizona, she’s been the most entertaining. – Nate trained me for my first project at EA. We became good friends. He’s in Japan now. Follow his exploits there. – Ryan and I met at EA on NHL 2001 for PSX. We share a common love for pho.

Ok, back to sucky assignment.

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