After working all evening on Wednesday to finish an assignment, I really had nothing planned for Thursday. Of course, I stayed up late, heading to bed around 2am. I woke up around 8:45am and headed off to 9:30am class.

The prof was a bit frazzled when he arrived in the classroom. He announced that this was going to be a short class.

“My wife and I having been moving for the last two days, so I basically didn’t get any sleep last night. I’m pretty out of it.”

Well, he seemed pretty with it to me. For a computer science prof, I’ve noticed he knows a lot about mechanical engineering concepts. His knowledge of finite element analysis goes way beyond mine, though I didn’t take FEM in undergrad. He also seems to know as much as I do about fracture mechanics. Today, he gave the class some background on how metals get stronger as you deform them. He went into grain boundaries and dislocations in the crystalline structure. I was impressed. I had to remind myself this guy’s Ph.D is in computer science.

He stopped about a half hour early, which was fine by me, since, as usual, we got into some heavy duty mathematics. It was about 10:30am at this point, and I didn’t have another class until 5pm. You’d think I could have probably got a lot of work done, and you’d be right, except I didn’t.

I grabbed some breakfast from the Barn and then headed home. I’m reading this book called Physics For Game Developers out of my own interest. Today, I went on the book’s web site and looked at the errata sheet. Holy crap are there a lot of errors in this book. It took me nearly an hour to go through each one and correct the copy of book I have. I hope the library appreciates what I did to their book.

After that it was a nap. I had intended it to be for only an hour or less, but I didn’t set my alarm. Total nap duration? 12:30pm to nearly 3pm. Oh well. I forced myself to get up and sat in front of my computer to learn some PHP. It’s a scripting language I need to learn for my software engineering project course. I took it really slow. I wish I had gotten through more of it today.

Before long it was time to get ready for my 5pm class. It was a good class. I handed in my assignment and got the last one back. The prof warned us that the marks weren’t really good this time, but when I got mine back, I had no complaints at all.

After class, I had some dinner and the rest of the evening was kind of a blur after that. So, here I am. I try not write these what I had for lunch type of posts anymore, but sometimes that’s all that happens to you in day.

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