So it’s a new year and with that brings a new term. For grad students like me who are taking classes, it’s a whole new schedule with a whole new set of classes. Change is good I suspect, but I sure had my last schedule down pat.

My biggest concern at this time is whether or not to add another class to my schedule. If I did, it would sure make my next year easier. Then again, I’ve been told if I take one more class my life would be very busy and not so enjoyable. I’m weighing my options right now. I won’t know for sure until next week when I go to a few classes.

I’m also a TA again this term. I’ll being TAing the same course as last term. I’m happy about that since I’ll be much better at it. I was just thinking about how nervous and clueless I was the first day I walked into my tutorial. On Wednesday, I know I’ll much more confident and ready to go.

As it stands now, I have Mondays off. Well, to be more correct, I don’t have any classes on Monday. I’m pretty sure I’ll be doing work on Monday, but it’s still nice not to have to be anywhere.

The biggest challenge that I can see so far will come this class I’m taking, CPSC 533B Animation Physics. First, it starts at 9:30am in the morning which is pretty early for me. Last term the earliest I had to get up for was 10am. Second, it seems like it’s a course that uses a lot of differential equations. I haven’t done that since second year. Though you can’t argue with the results of using DEs, just look at some of the videos on the course site, they look pretty amazing.

Well, I have to go take down my Christmas lights now. I want to keep them up, but I’m not sure if that’s socially acceptable past the beginning of January.

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