I spent most of my Sunday evening wondering what the hell was wrong with my code that I’m writing for an assignment. The prof gave us some starter code to get us going. I just need to extend it and increase the functionality. It took me several hours before I discovered there wasn’t anything wrong with my code, but the starter code was buggy to begin with. I then spent more time trying to debug it, which isn’t even my responsibility since it was supposed to be working in the first place. All this means I’m no further ahead in my assignment than I was at the start of the evening. Oh well.

Anyways, if you’re like me, you find great pleasure in the most simple and free things in life. One of those things is watching movie trailers on the Internet. When I was a kid, the only place you could see full-length trailers was in the theatres. You couldn’t download them, burn them onto a CD, e-mail them to your friends, or put them up for Kazaa. Instead, you had to go to local Singlo-plex ™, pay your $4.25, buy popcorn (no Burger King!), and watch the trailers. If you were extremely lucky, you might even have a theatre where they had Dolby Stereo ™, meaning they had two, count them, two speakers out front where the sound would come out of.

Nowadays, you can practically be a movie expert without even going to the movies. All you need to do is have a computer connected to the Internet.

A simple joy for me is to just watch a two minute trailer of a movie I might want to see.

So… what trailers have come out recently that I’ve liked….

Well, there’s Van Helsing, which is based on the literary character from the mind of Bram Stoker. I like Hugh Jackman and I think he’ll be able to pull this off. I also like the appeal of a character that fights supernatural evil. Creepy.

After all this talk, I finally saw the trailer for Jersey Girl. With the maelstrom of gossip surrounding Bennifer, you’d think this movie was Gigli 2. Much to my pleasant surprise, the movie only has J.Lo in it for a short time, the main female lead is Liv Tyler, who is an actress I like a million times more. From Clerks on in, I’ve enjoyed all of Kevin Smith’s movies. Let’s hope his movie survives the gossip.

Now, for some strange reason that I can’t put my finger on, I thought the trailer for Ella Enchanted was pretty good. Maybe I was hungry at the time or something. Anyways, it kinda made me think if I had to go see it, it wouldn’t be a bad thing. Though, I wouldn’t go alone… or with another guy… possibly with a female though… that wasn’t my mom… or my sister…

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