Well after kicking ass yesterday, it was more like sitting on ass today. I spent the same amount of time studying today, but got half as much done. I guess there’s only so much in the tank at one time. Maybe I’ll go to bed a little earlier tonight and re-charge for tomorrow.

The SJC movie tonight was The Two Towers : Extended Edition clocking in at nearly 220 minutes, I would have loved to view the new footage, but I had to study. I wonder how many people saw the whole thing. I bet they had an intermission.

Today, I found more reason to hate Microsoft. I logged into Messenger in the afternoon upon which I was notified that there was a new version available. Great, I thought. Usually updates are a good thing. So, I download the new version, it installs and I’m prompted to log in again. I enter my info and it boots me back out again. What? I try again. Same thing. Try again. Same thing. Try again. Same thing. Try again. Same thing. Try again. Same thing.

Now, I’m cursing myself for updating, couldn’t leave well enough alone. I get a knock on my door. It’s Sarah. She’s here to deliver some brownies to me. She also tells me that my Messenger is going crazy and that I’m logging in every two seconds. Great.

I check the system reqs for Messenger 6.1 and it’s says I need Internet Explorer 5.1. I have 5.0 because I don’t use IE. So I upgrade to IE 6.0. I try to log into Messenger…. same damn thing. Now I’m getting peeved.

I try to roll back to Messenger 6.0, the version I had before. It takes me a while to find it on the Internet, because Microsoft doesn’t archive their products (like Netscape does). I uninstall 6.1 and install 6.0. By all accounts, this should work. I try logging in again. No dice. Can’t log in.

I briefly think about continuing on with my life without using a messenger client. I come to the conclusion it would be a poorer life. What to do? What to do?

I decide to download Trillian which rolls AOL, Yahoo, and Messenger clients all into one. You lose a bit of functionality, but it the price you pay for all-in-one. I install it and cross my fingers. I attempt to log in… and am met with success.

I can chat again, but I’ve got to do it with this weird Trillian thing. If anyone knows what the hell is going on with Messenger 6.1, you drop me a line.

Ok, I’ll leave you with a bit of Internet fun passed on by Matt Farish. Go to google.com and do a search for the words miserable failure. Tell me what the first item returned is.

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