Nearly all the residents of SJC did not grow up in Canada, let alone B.C., so they have no concept of White Spot restaurants. For me (and probably for many B.C. residents), White Spot brings pleasant memories of my childhood. My family used to go for lunch on weekends, and it was my father who introduced me to their burgers and famous Triple “O” Sauce.

Wanting to share this experience with others, I organized a dinner to White Spot tonight. It was myself, Dana, Jamil, Frank, Adam, Nick, Phil, and Carolyn. We ran into Stock and Monica along the way and they joined us for dinner.

Before we sat down, I recommended the burger platters and milkshakes. For the uninitiated, I thought these would be good starting points.

I told Adam and Carolyn about the Pirate Paks and they were so impressed, they had to have those cardboard boats. They both got one and took them home. It was neat to see their enthusiasm.

Almost everybody ordered a burger platter and a milkshake. The milkshakes took a while to get to us, so most of us were nearly full from the burgers by that time. There was talk of a “dairy challenge”. I gotta admit, the shakes kicked our asses. Adam wasn’t looking too hot at times. At the end, we truly did agree that “nobody wins in a dairy challenge”.

I think everyone was quite happy with White Spot and I’m glad that I was able to share this part of my childhood with them.

Adam summed it up best when he said to me:

“Erwin, I’ll never forget this night, thank you.”

Here are some pictures from the evening.

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