I wanted to write this post on Sunday night, but with the keyboard incident, I’ve had to wait until now. I am now typing this on a brand new Fujitsu 8729 keyboard. It’s that bright beige computer colour and stain-free (from food people, let’s keep it classy).

On Sunday, I was scheduled to meet some people by the SJC clock tower for dim sum. Having thought I had set my alarm, I went to bed the night before. I awoke the next morning at 11:01am. Holy crap! What had happened? It turns out I didn’t hit ‘OK’ on my alarm and it just sat there waiting for me. I was out of my room in a record eleven minutes. That includes hair combing, teeth brushing, clothes changing, and even a little sip of water.

Luckily, everyone had waited for me and off we went to Floata restaurant in Chinatown. It me, Bryan, Sarah, Adrian, Ian, Kaz, Kenji, Ivette, and Mark. Since I was the only Chinese person in the group, I did most of the ordering. I was looking forward to the steamed chicken feet. I love that stuff. When that cart came around, I made sure I got myself a helping of it. No one would touch the stuff. Sarah seemed especially displeased with it. Finally, Ian stepped up and had some. Ian’s a good, decent, dependable guy.

Overall, it was alright as far as dim sum goes. I have had better and I have had worse. It’s different when you’re the dim sum veteran and you’re doing all the ordering. You’re always wondering if everyone is enjoying the stuff, or if you’ve ordered enough, or if you’ve ordered too much.

Here are some photos from dim sum. Notice I took a picture of the chicken feet that no one would eat.

For dinner, I attended my friend Dan’s 30th surprise birthday party. It was thrown by his lovely wife Tracy, who made all the arrangements. She picked The Irish Heather in Gastown as the venue. We had the entire coach house in the back to ourselves. What an excellent place for a party.

The coach house is a small two story brick house in the back of the pub. To get to it, you have to go out through to the end of the pub and then out into this small cobblestone alleyway. It’s like you’ve been transported out of Vancouver and to Ireland. The coach house is on the other side of the alleyway. I was very pleased with the selection of food that Tracy picked out. Items included smoked salmon, spring rolls, and skewers of chicken. Their drink menu contains many choices of whisk(e)y, enough for any drink enthusiast.

It was a great evening and I even wound up with a large portion of the birthday cake!

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