I cleaned my room and bathroom today. It felt good. I did hit a snag though. I desperately wanted to vacuum my floor, but both communal vacuum cleaners were taken. We keep them in the second floor laundry room and you’re supposed to sign them out. Both of them were not signed out.

I sent out a carefully worded e-mail to the SJC mailing list, inquiring about the whereabouts of the vacuums. I made a small reference to them not being signed out, but it was veiled in a way that didn’t accuse. Between you and me though, what those people did was poor form. Sign the form out if you’re gonna take the damn vacuum for that long. They had it a long time too.

I also didn’t get to my shower stall. That thing needs a serious cleaning. Why the hell did I just write that? Who wants to know that?

It’s gotten quite quiet here at the College. I had guests over for dinner tonight, which made it an enjoyable meal for me. Tim and Kirsten came by to sample the teriyaki salmon. I met both of them when I lived in Vanier. I gave them a tour of the College and showed them my room. They were impressed with the quality of my room. Having lived in Vanier, my room is a far cry from the closets we lived in.

Alright, Chris is talking to me right now, I’ll end this here.

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