I admit it was weird having everyone leave the College, but I’m enjoying the quiet time. Miriam was in a mad rush to pack today because she’s leaving tomorrow. We had lunch and a nice conversation. She was the only person that I saw until around 5pm.

I also bought some Christmas lights from the on-campus dollar store. There were five bucks for a string of 50 lights. They can stay on steady or blink. Quite a nice deal. I put them on blinking and hung them in my window. You can see it below.

I was planning on going home on Monday, but I think Tuesday is more likely option. I’m enjoying just having the time to myself to clean, organize, and get some things done. I think people get stressed out about the holidays because they’re too rushed to get too many things in: buying presents, seeing friends, seeing family, and various other commitments. A holiday should be restful and that involves having time for yourself.

Well, it’s the Best of Will Ferrell, Vol. 2 on SNL tonight, and I need to go find a tape for that. I’ll see you guys later.

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