Every year, UBC publishes a report on the various offences that students commit and the resulting discipline. It’s always an interesting read. I linked to it last year and this year’s report has been released. Here’s the most interesting entry from the last academic year:

4. A graduate requested to have his/her degree, which was conferred many years earlier, rescinded by the University, due to an academic misconduct he/she committed. In particular, as a student he/she submitted someone else’s essay as his/her own material in a course.

Discipline: A mark of zero in the course, with transcript being amended accordingly, and a suspension of the degree until the course, or an equivalent, is successfully completed.

Wow, they got away with this, received their degree, yet decided to come clean, years later. I guess they wanted to have a clean conscience. Notice that the university will reinstate their degree once they honestly complete the course in question.

The rest of the report can be found here. Thanks goes out to Kirsten for reminding me of the report.

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