I am finally home at my parents’ place for the next few days. I got a ride into Port Moody from fellow SJC resident Chris. Another resident, Michelle, lives in Coquitlam, and she was having a small Christmas party last night. We went to the party before Chris dropped me off.

Michelle’s parents live in a very nice house, right by where my friend Trevor used to live. In fact, I’ve driven by Michelle’s place many times without knowing who lived there. Anyways, it was quite a fun party. It was attended by SJC people, Michelle’s med classmates, and Michelle’s high school friends. It turns out that a lot of people there went to Centennial, my old high school.

There was also a fabulous spread to feast upon. Chris was impressed. There was food covering the entire length of a huge island in their kitchen. Some Krispy Kreme doughnuts even made an appearance.

The most memorable event of the evening happened as I was reaching for some smoked salmon. There was this large marble dining table in the kitchen and several people had gathered around it to converse. I heard this large crash and smash and when I looked over, it appeared a large section of the table had just collapsed. It missed hitting one dude by inches and everyone just jumped away. A three by two foot slap of marble had fallen to the ground. That was a heavy piece of marble.

Luckily, everyone was alright and the people at the table moved into the living room. Some people knew I was a mechanical engineer, so they asked me what happened. I told them, “There was too much food on the table.”

Michelle’s mom said that she didn’t like that table anyways and she’d be happy to get something new.

Near the end of the party, I sat down with a few of Michelle’s high school friends. It’s interesting to see what type of people have as friends from way back. All of them were very nice ladies. One of them, and I won’t say who, was really drunk. She was a hoot to talk to.

Chris had to drive back to UBC, so we left around 1am. I got dropped off at my parents’ place and hoped that my directions to Chris would get him back safely.

I spent the day here doing errrand, but between you and me… I’m really bored already.

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