Without a doubt, I should be trying to get some sleep right now. I spent most of the day trying to get my damn AI assignment done. I think I’ve got 65%-70% of it done. Of that, I really have no clue how much of it is correct.

I finally had dinner at Burgoo tonight. After hearing about how good it was, Bryan, Sarah, and Chris took me there for a meal. It’s all about comfort food at Burgoo. I had the Kentucky Burgoo. It was good, but I’m looking forward to trying out their other dishes. We had the Dark Chocolate Banana Bread Pudding for dessert. It was fabulous. Warm desserts with ice cream rule.

We had a Halloween party at SJC on Friday night. It was a blast. I had lots of fun. Everyone was dressed up and there were some fabulous costumes! I am trying very hard (hence the late hour) to post my pics. With my digital camera this time around, I took about 90 pics.

Here’s a taste of things to come. If my costume needs explaining, yes, that’s a blonde mullet I’m wearing. Notice the wife-beater tank top and large belt buckle I’m sporting. Yesss! That’s awesome!

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