“I have dreamed a dream… but now that dream has gone from me…

The character Morpheus spoke that line in The Matrix Reloaded, but it seems that many film critics have been echoing the same thing. Gone from them are the dreams of another sequel worthy of or even better than the original Matrix.

From what I’ve seen on the Internet and some print media, the reviews are less than stellar for the final chapter of the Matrix trilogy.

I have not seen Revolutions myself, but I am hoping that I will have a better impression of it than others. Even if the reviews are what they are, how can one not want to see how the story ends? Will the human race break free of their enslavement from the machines? How does Neo awake from his coma? How many more rubber outfits will Monica Bellucci slip into?

Weak or not, if you’ve invested any interest into these movies, I think you’ve got to see Revolutions at least once.

One question I have is whether or not critics are poorly reviewing the movie just to say that they panned a movie that had good box-office. Similar questions were raised when Clones came out. I even remember one Detroit critic panning it for disparaging Hispanics. His evidence? He said the actor that played Jango Fett was clearly a stereo-type for Hispanics. What he didn’t know (stupidly), was that actor was Temuera Morrison, a famous Maori actor from New Zealand. I guess in Detroit, there are only four or five ethnic groups.

Well, that’s all I have to say about that… heh, geez I’m tired right now.

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