Popular humour web site The Onion had an article this week about some dude’s Mom finding out about his blog.

That is something I’ve feared for a long, long time. To be honest, I don’t post anything that is wild because, well, I don’t lead a very wild life anyways. That doesn’t preclude, however, a few posts that I’d probably wouldn’t want my Mom to read. Like that time I got really drunk in New Orleans or when I nearly sliced my thumb off in the first month of school.

Actually, for a while I thought my Mom was reading my blog, but then when I cut my thumb, I knew she didn’t. I didn’t tell my parents about my medical escapade, but I did write about it on my blog. They didn’t call me at all. Then my sister read my blog and she called my parents and said, “Erwin nearly lost him thumb!”. Only then did they phone me.

Blogger has kindly posted what to do if you fear your Mom finding your blog. I’ll probably keep on truckin’ like always.

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