I’d like everyone to know that I enjoy a nice cup of hot water. Just hot water. I’m not sure when I discovered I liked drinking hot water, it’s been at least five years or so.

Over the years, I’ve discovered that not a lot of people share the same desire for a steaming mug of hot water. People would ask me, “Is that hot water? You’re drinking just hot water?”

When my parents started to notice my fondness for hot water, they called me an “old man”. Just recently, my friend Rhonda noticed I was drinking a cup of hot water and she too called me an “old man”. I asked her if she had talked to my parents lately. She reminded me that they’ve never met.

People drink cold water everyday without questions, why not hot water? It’s hot, soothing, and let’s you stay hydrated. Why is it that when you boil a pot of water, you have to add something to it? Why not forgo the teabag or coffee and just drink, natural, sparkling hot water? It’s delicious!

At the 3:30am, I think I’ll make a pot now!

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