One of the benefits of living right by the ocean is that you can get some pretty impressive fog rolling in from the water. Today, the whole campus was engulfed in a thick and encompassing fog. While I though the effect was great in the daytime, it only got better when the sun went down.

Everything looked very eerie. I’m almost sure the fog was even thicker and heavier at night. Buildings were shrouded in a mist of white-grey. All the street lights looked different as their lights bounced off all the water droplets in the air. It was very cool indeed.

I went on a short walk around midnight with my camera to take some quick shots. I was only out there a half hour or so, but the fog was so thick, my hair was wet from just walking through it! I don’t think I’ve ever experienced that before. Unfortunately, the pictures do not even come close to capturing the fog we had tonight.

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