I need more sleep. For my schedule, I’m getting a lot less sleep than is possible. Anyways, who wants to read about my sleep debt.

I have several things on my mind. First, I get a big kick out of listening to Asian people who have Australian accents. It’s a dumb thing to get entertained by, but it’s just something I haven’t heard before. Can ya tell I need sleep?

I went to Dairy Queen tonight. Thanks to Dana for driving us. It was there I determined what kind of birthday cake I want for my next birthday. I want an ice-cream cake silkscreened with a picture of Hilary Duff on it. It’s amazing what kind of cake technologies they have now.

I had hot eats at Dairy Queen tonight for the first time. I had a cheeseburger meal. It wasn’t bad at all. It had a home-cooked taste to it. I want to try their chicken strips next time.

Well, I plan on being in bed by 3am, so I leave it here.

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