I’d love to tell you how the rest of the evening went with me and Andy down in New Orleans, but I don’t have the time for it right now. I will finish up my recount sometime over the weekend.

Well, I’ve been slacking off since Wednesday night. Is this any different than any other week? Well, not really, except that I consciously decided to not do anything the last two days. I had a midterm on Wednesday that I did not do very well on. No, I’m serious, I really, really sucked the big one on it.

Anyways, I studied hard for it, so despite the crap performance and all, I decided dumb, old Erwin needed a break.

I am proud of myself for marking an assignment tonight. Sure, it was a short one, but my students will get it back on Monday and they love getting assignments back.

Totally off-topic, but people are still discovering my web site around here at SJC and elsewhere for that matter. My neighbours came up to me one day and said they saw my site and they really enjoyed it. Apparently, another resident told them about it. Two days ago, I had Andrea come up to me in the hallway, “Erwin, I overheard some of classmates discussing your site. I visited it and it’s really funny.” Andrea is in med school and strange as it seems, several 2nd year med students don’t mind visiting my site once in a while. Just today, I was talking with my friend Marcia on the phone. She mentioned that her mom, a professor at UBC, had seen my site and she thought it was funny as well.

I am still amazed that people are finding my site, and are very grateful they enjoy reading it. Anytime someone says they saw my site, I thank them for visiting. I do that because there are literally billions of pages out there to visit. That they would take the time out, even once, to visit my little corner of the Web makes me happy.

So, thanks for coming out and giving me a reason to work on this site.

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