You know, I’m not really fond of those “I had a really long day” posts, but here I am about to write that.

Well, I had a really long day. It started at 10am and it didn’t end until 6pm. The thing about grad classes is that at the beginning of a term, you’re not really sure which ones you want to go to, so you go to them all. Of course, no one really registers in all of them, but at the start, you have to go a lot. Well, today I went to four classes and then I had to TA my tutorial.

The tutorial was a bit of a mess. They were doing this assignment and these guys are all out of sync with the lecture schedule. They do an assignments on material that they get lectured on only afterwards. It totally weird and I feel for them. A few of them expressed their concern to me, but I told them I’m being lenient on them with marking.

Anyways, if that wasn’t bad enough, there was an equation listed on the board that was incorrect. The kids came up to me and asked me why it didn’t look right. I had to agree with them it was certainly didn’t look right, but I couldn’t figure out why. Well, the prof with me finally told them it was wrong and to use some other equation. I hate when that happens.

The assignment they had today was quite long for some and I didn’t get out of the tutorial until well after 6pm. I got home and ate dinner right away. I stayed in the dining hall well past 8pm to just relax.

After flittering around in my room for a bit, it’s already 10pm. It’s a good thing I don’t have any pressing schoolwork to do tonight, because I don’t feel like doing anything right now.

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