At dinner I see Adrian. He tells me that he’s thinking about going for a quick coffee with Akiko at 10:30pm. He also tells me he can’t stay out too late.

At 10:30pm, Patrick, Akiko, and I are wondering where the hell Adrian is. We page him. He finally shows up around 11:10pm. By the time we hop in the car, it’s nearly 11:30pm. The plan is to go to Calhoun’s. As we approach Calhoun’s, Adrian pipes up.

“Hey, Akiko, have you ever been to The Naam?”


“Ok, let’s go there.”

We continue driving and arrive at The Naam. I’m kinda excited because I’ve always wanted to try their Thai noodles. We sit down and not a minute after we get our menus, Adrian says, “Hey, let’s go to Denny’s instead!”

I’ve never seen him so indecisive. Patrick wants to go to Denny’s too. I ask if we’re just going to leave. Adrian says no, we’ll just order drinks. When the waiter comes around, I order a blueberry milkshake. Everyone else gets coffee, but Adrian also gets a plate of nachos. My Thai noodles will have to wait, though I’m thinking maybe I should order it anyways.

Our drinks come. My shake is one of the best I’ve had, approaching the quality of White Spot shakes. There is no metal cup though, which I like. The nachos take forever to come.

They finally get to us, and I have a little bit. Everyone else gobbles it up. Then we get the bill.

“Oooohhhh… I’m kinda full now.”

“Yeah, me too…”

The boys are expressing their fullness. I say, “Hey, I bailed on my Thai noodles because I thought we were going to Denny’s!”

Everyone agrees we’re going to Denny’s again, especially since Akiko lives near there now. On the way, Patrick speaks of these little hamburgers. I have no clue what’s he talking about.

We arrive at Denny’s and get a table. We take a look at the menu. Patrick points out the mini-burgers. It’s six tiny little burgers with a side of onion rings. I’m going through a chicken wing phase, so I decide to get buffalo wings. Patrick isn’t sure if he can finish six mini-burgers by himself. Adrian expresses his desire to help.

“Alright, we’ll get those lil’ bastards, and Akiko and I will help you eat them.”

Our food comes and I eat nearly 10 wings by myself. The others consume these tiny little burgers and onion rings. Afterwards, I feel a little gross.

We drive Akiko home, then it’s back on campus. Now, I’m tired… really tired, like I’ve been to two restaurants in less than an hour.

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