So after working like a Latin American sweat shop employee for the last two weeks, I’ve finally caught up with all my school work. I have an assignment due tomorrow that I’m pretty much done and happy with. The students in my tutorial will have all their assignments marked and returned tomorrow. I’m also where I need to be in terms of reading for all my classes. I should be in this situation for the rest of the term, there is really no excuse to be otherwise.

Of course, this can all change in a day. In a day, a prof can give out another assignment, ask you to read another chapter, or hand out another paper to analyze. Also, like clockwork, my students will have another assignment for me to mark tomorrow.

The only concern I have is my grad course in Artificial Intelligence. I’ve never taken a course in AI before and though this one is supposed to be introductory in nature, it is still a grad course, which means it’ll be fast, it’ll intense, and I’m guessing it won’t be easy. There are many easy grad courses out there and I took several (to my delight) last year. AI, though, I just have a feeling this is gonna be tough one.

The first assignment for AI is due next Monday, so I have eight days to do. I’m really nervous about it. I should start now. Like right now. Human logic is well, illogical sometimes, so because I’m scared of my assignment, I’m going to clean my room, vacuum my floor, and perhaps do my dishes. Then I’m going to play croquet. Well, if I’m done my chores early, I might play video games. The main thing is I’m not going to start my assignment just yet… ’cause that’d be the intelligent thing to do.

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