As I write this, the month of August is not an hour old. My clichéd question of course is…. Where did all the time go?

Though officially August is still part of the summer months, in my mind, it is purely a transitional month. August is when panic sets in. I usually take stock of what I haven’t done in the summer and then realize I only have precious few weeks left to do what I need to do. Invariably, my attempts to cram everthing in before August disappears is met with failure. I also then look nervously to September, when classes begin and the weather begins to turn cooler. The combination of frenzied last second activity and apprehension of the future usually makes for not-so-pleasant month.

Back to my original question though. Yeah, where did the time go? My summer actually began on April 26, the day after my last exam ended. Holy crap, on paper that seemed a long time ago, but it’s still fresh in my mind. I had my dental surgery at the end of April. I can remember that day as clear as the sky was today.

May, June, and July, they all went so fast. As will August, perhaps even faster, since I’ll anticipating the fall.

Wow, this post had no direction. 🙂

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