I got up at 9am this morning, which was quite a feat since I was at a stag last night and I didn’t get into bed until 3am. The reason for the early morning was a trip down to Chinatown for dim sum. I went with Rhonda to the Floata restaurant where we met up with Jenny, Jenny’s roommate Andrea, and her friend Kristina. Whoa! I usually go to dim sum with my parents. Here I was with four lovely ladies in their twenties. Sweet. Ha ha ha…

Anyways, just about every one of the ladies was a dim sum rookie. I tried my best to give them a good dim sum experience. I’m not sure if I accomplished my goal, but they seemed to enjoy it. Unfortunately, the chicken feet dish didn’t come around, so I wasn’t able to initiate them properly. Some dishes were a hit and some were misses, but that’s how dim sum is in general.

Well, tonight, I made a last second decision to see the fireworks. I was in Vanier Park with Rhonda, her visiting friend Erijka, Sarah, Brad, and Nic. I knew that the crowds were going to be quite manageable when on the way down, my bus was sparsely populated. There was a kettle korn booth which I was so happy to see. I’m a big fan of kettle korn. It’s a surprise in every bite. It could be sweet, it could be salty. You just don’t know. I bought a $5 bag. It was delicious. Kettle korn is the type of food that you can continue to enjoy until the end of the bag.

The fireworks were alright, though seeing China’s portion of it made me regret not seeing their performance on Wednesday. Our journey back to campus was relatively painfree. Six chicken wings later, I’m here typing this. I’m really tired right now. I think I’ll go to bed.

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