The server upon which resides will be physically moving from its current location (the storeroom of an AOV store in Whalley) to a new location in downtown Vancouver. That means this site and my e-mail will be unavailable for several hours as the server physically makes it way from Whalley to downtown, most likely on a Skytrain and/or a bus. Once taken off-line, the server will have additional hard drive storage installed. This means that I will be able to host bootleg copies of The Matrix Reloaded, Finding Nemo, The Hulk, Charlie’s Angels 2, and Terminator 3. Actually, I’m kidding about that, but you have no idea how much additional traffic I just generated from Google by typing that sentence.

The larger hard drive space gives me more options in terms of the quantity and type of files I can host, but I don’t have any definitive plans for that yet.

I don’t know the date of the move yet. It most likely will occur in August sometime. So, if one day you’re trying to read my blog to see if I had a burger for lunch, and the site is down, you’ll know why.

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