So there’s this pop machine not 20 feet away from my office at work. About two weeks ago, I noticed there was quarter that had been shoved near the coin slot. Its orientation is hard to explain, but I’ll do my best . The front of the coin slot is covered with this heavy duty metal foil skin that provides the artwork for the machine. On this foil is the picture of the coins, like a Twoonie, Loonie, etc. Shoved between this heavy duty foil and the actual machine housing is this quarter. I can see it because a small sliver of the coin is jutting out from where the foil has been cut out so that people can put coins in the slot.

You can’t miss it, because it’s right where you put the coins in. How could anyone miss that? Anyways, the first time I saw it, I tried pulling the coin out all the way with my fingers, but it wouldn’t budge. It seemed so simple to get, but the damn thing wouldn’t move.

I had to leave it, but I noticed that over the subsequent two weeks or so, the coin remained. This tells me that coin has been seen by many people now, and undoubtedly they’ve tried to grab the damn thing too. It also tells me though, that while lots of people have probably tried to dislodge it, no one has succeeded which means it’s jammed in there real tight.

Well, five minutes ago, I just bought a can of Coke and there that coin was again. This time, I pulled my keys out and tried pushing the coin from the other side. I was pushing this way and that, half expecting to see a hologram of Princess Leia before that quarter. After minutes of this and enduring the stare of a girl that wallked past me, I was forced to give up.

How is that stupid quarter held in there?

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