After promising myself two weeks I’d clean up the area around my desk and computer, I finally got around to it today. I started by clearing off my desk of everything, papers, pens, my monitor, speakers, and my desk lamp. I then took apart my computer. Well, actually, I just unplugged all the cables from the back, which were a lot in total.

With my desk cleared, I proceeded to clean the cables of all my peripherals and the peripherals themselves. As I wiped them down, I was amazed at how much dirt and grime had accumulated on just the cables themselves. The paper towel was almost black. I’ve been living here less than a year and it looked like these things were relics of the last century.

After that, I took my Swiffer and Swiffered my desk. It was a real time saver. Not only is my desk clean now, it smells lemony fresh.

Pat then helped me move my desk so I could vacuum under where my desk and computer had been. There was a hell of a lot of dust there. Like a layer of grey snow. With my desk out of the way, I also was able to finally wage war on the group of spiders that had taken position above my window. Using a powerful vacuum without the end attachment, I was able to suck up six(!) spiders and their webs.

I was planning on re-positioning my desk, but I got tired and now it’s just sitting in the middle of my room. I had to check my mail, so I re-assembled my computer, so I’ve got everything set up in the middle. It’s not efficient use of the space, and some might even call it a gong show.

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