Last night, I had a long conversation on the phone with a friend that I hadn’t talked to in a long time. We conversed about many subjects, movies, sports, politics, and he came to a new relevation which he phrased as the “bullshit of life”. I asked what he meant by that exactly.

“Erwin, the bullshit of life are all the little or not so little random, unexpected, undeserved events that happen to you. It could be anything, some guy dings your car while you’re gone, the bank screws up your account, the wait at the store is long, people you know just get mad at you for no reason, your cake doesn’t rise… all of that, and some of it is gonna seem totally fucking unfair,” explained my friend.

“Yeah, BS like that can be hard to take, you don’t think you deserve any of that, yet here it is, dropped right in front of you. Like any shit that’s in front of you though, you gotta step around it, and don’t let it bother you. Keep going on. If you stepped in every piece of BS that life offered you, you’d spend your entire existence metaphorically wiping off your shoes, bitching about it, and letting life go on by without you,” he continued.

“Some BS is gonna be harder to deal with than others. There’ll be times when life plops down a huge pile of shit, and you’ll be wondering how the fuck am I gonna get past this? I don’t deserve this! Well, you just have to stay focussed and be positive and get help from friends.”

As I listened intently to my friend for several minutes, I was struck by two things. First, my friend usually doesn’t come up with these type of relevalations. Second, I wanted to know how and why he came up with this, so I asked him.

“Erwin, one night I just realized you can live your life stepping from one piece of shit to another, bitching and bemoaning life, yelling at the sky at all the injustices you’ve been dealt with. Which is no way to live of course. Or, you can be resilient, stay positive, move forward (look ahead! sorry… – Ed. ), and don’t let it drag you down. That’s how I’m gonna be from now on.”

While some of what he told wasn’t new to me, I was still very proud of the new outlook he had on life. It certainly refreshed me on what is important in life.

When he was finished his treatise, I asked him if he was willing to put our conversation here. He said yes, and that’s what you see above. I hope some of you found it interesting.

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