I’m looking at a campus map today. Did you know there’s a Subway in the IRC? When the hell did that happen?

So, I had my second day at work. It was better than the first. An IT guy came by in the morning and re-installed Dreamweaver on my machine. It was then I found out my machine is a Pentium I 266. I just realized today that I don’t have any image editing software on it either. I was told I have to go to another lab, which is located 10 minutes away, to use Photoshop. The lab is also access-controlled, so someone has to let me in. I’m not sure what network that lab is on, so I’m not sure if I can just save my files to a network drive. It would be a pain in the ass if I had to e-mail myself all the files. What if I came back to my office and noticed I needed to change a tiny little thing with one file? I’d have to go all the way back to the other lab.

I know that sometimes resources are scarce, but you need the right tools to do a job right. I’m a firm believer in that. I’m tempted to just do that Photoshop here at home and go to my office when I’m ready. We’ll see what happens.

After work today, I took my pants off in my office for the first time. I got changed into my softball gear and headed over to the diamond right after work. We were playing this team called The Infrared Sox. Get it?

Anyways, we were on fire this game. Our D was the best I think I’ve ever seen it. Our batting was huge for once too. I believe everyone scored at least one run and had one hit as well. In fact, the last time we were up at bat, we got seven runs and we had to institute the mercy rule and that ended our inning.

Final score? 15-7. Our very first win that wasn’t by default. I felt so happy for the rest of my team. At the end, I jumped up into the air and my hips did this girlish wiggle.

Man, I tell ya work and sports can tire out a person in a jiffy. I was lethargic after dinner. I just sat in my room, watched some TV and played some video games. I got invited to a movie but I had to decline.

Well, I’m probably going to make a small snack and jerk go to bed. Goodnight!

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