I have just returned from the set of Robin Williams’ new movie Final Cut. They’re filming half a block away from SJC.

Since this morning, trucks, trailers, and all other sorts of movie related vehicles have been filling up the parking lot in front of SJC. I was wondering what production was here. Then in the early evening, Kent told us that Robin Williams was on campus. That he possibly could be across the street in one of those large trailers.

On our way to dinner, we passed by the lot, but we couldn’t see any sign of hairy funny man.

Around 1am, I got a call from Dana. He said that he saw some huge lights from his window, illuminating the old Com Sci buidling. He wanted to know if I wanted to head on over. I said sure.

Three minutes later, we’re on the set of Final Cut outside the old Com Sci building. There’s a small blue car with European license plates in one of the parking spots. The shot starts with the camera fixed on the car. It then pans up to track three people going up a flight of stairs. You can only see the shadow of the people because the staircase has these glass block windows next to it.

Dana and I get there on God knows what take. We stand watch at least four more takes. Shoot the car, pan up, follow these people up stairs… do it again… and again.

The car seems pretty important. I have one more shot left on my roll of film. When I go out tomorrow, I’m going to try to get a shot of it.

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