No, post-op complications have not prevented me from accessing the Internet. I’ve just been kinda lethargic and this weekend, I took my recovery back to my parent’s place.

After having a fantastic recovery hours after the surgery, the morning after I was faced with the harsh reality of having your gums operated on. The right side of my mouth was swollen as my periodontist had warned. I looked like I had a huge wad of chew in my cheek. It was then the five pound bag of ice I had bought came in handy. Not only did it reduce the swelling, it was soothing to the touch.

The swelling was there the next day as well. That also signalled the beginning of the fatigue. I’d wake up and be awake for two hours and then I’d get really tired. I’d sleep for the entire afternoon and then wake up in time for dinner. Which at that point still consisted of protein shakes and scrambled eggs.

I think the peak of the swelling occurred on Friday. I had several women ask me if they could touch my cheek. I said yes of course. I can’t remember the last time that a woman asked me if they could touch a swollen part of my body. My afternoon-spanning slumber nearly caused me to miss the game on Friday too.

On Saturday, I took my recovery to my parent’s place back in Port Moody. When I got there, my parents were nowhere to be seen, having taken off to play mah jong for the evening. I did, however, find notes littered throughout the abode, pointing me to where I could find various items of food. I was starving at this point, and I was really fed up with eating soft crap. My mom had left some chicken and strawberries, and I ate that in one sitting. Then came the nap.

I awoke only to find that it was past 8pm. Wow. A friend called and after speaking with her, I was off to get some dinner. First, I stopped off at Wal-Mart at Lougheed Mall. You know, I haven’t seen so much big hair, mullets, and Camaros since, well, since the last time I was home. Feeling brave about eating chicken earlier, I went and got my dinner at McDonald’s. I am pleased to say that I can most definitely eat french fries in my current condition.

Today my parents took me out for Shanghai for lunch. I discovered that there are still some items I can’t eat, chicken feet being one of them. I was going to go to Ikea afterwards, but a chance phone call led me to the Coquitlam Silvercity Theatres. It was there I met some friends who were coincidently also in Coquitlam to visit their folks.

We were fortunate enough to catch a viewing of the new X-Men movie. I’m not going to provide a full review, but I will say it’s an excellent movie, better than the first one. Everyone has great hair in the sequel.

I’m spending one more night here with my parents and I’ll be back on campus Monday morning. I’m hoping to get my webcam working again so I can take a picture of what my mouth looks like.

I’ll see you guys when I get back to SJC.

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