I did nothing but eat really unhealthy foods during the long weekend.

It started on Thursday night, when Dana was kind enough to take myself, Rhonda, and Jacqueline out to Dairy Queen. I had a strawberry sundae. It was delicious. Rhonda couldn’t finish her cool treat, so I graciously finished hers off. We went to one of those DQs that also served hot food. I was telling everyone I was intrigued by their hot eats. Dana thought I was crazy for wanting to try one of their burgers. They look good though. Someday…

On Friday night, Bruno suggested we all go out to this Quebecois cafe off of Broadway. It was a quaint little joint. It was tiny, perhaps at 30 people max at standing capacity. Anyways, it was authentic Quebecois culture. Beer from Quebec, some of them 10.5% alcohol at 750mL per bottle. Potent stuff. The food is even typical from la belle province. There were over 6 different types of poutine. I chose l’italienne, which was basically spaghetti meat sauce mixed in with about half a pound of french fries. If you can imagine fries, tomato meat sauce, and cheese curds on a huge plate, that was my dinner on Friday. I managed to barely finish it. The thing left me winded. There were other types of poutine I’d like to try next, perhaps shared with another person.

On Saturday, I went home to my parents’ place, but before that I went out to dim sum with my father and my sister. Dim sum tends to be a little on the decadent side, so it certainly wasn’t a “heart-smart” meal. When I got back to my parents place, I took my sister to the mall to get some stuff. When we were finished, I decided to get some KFC for home. Back at the homestead, I had my first three pieces of fried chicken in about 4 months. It was sweet eatin’. Thankfully, I had sushi for dinner which was probably the healthiest thing I had for four days.

On Sunday, I kinda skipped lunch save for a small plate of nachos. I didn’t have any sour cream or anything, but it was generously sprinkled with cheddar cheese. For dinner, my family took my mother out for dinner. It was an awesome Chinese dinner, very appetizing. The meal was quite healthy in comparison to my other culinary choices of the days past, so that was good.

On Monday (today) I went out to White Rock with Nic and Rhonda. I’ve never driven to White Rock from UBC. It was a shorter drive than I had imagined. We walked along the beach, the shops, and the restaurants. Nic and I were determined to have some fish and chips. We settled on this family-run restaurant just off the beach. I had halibut and chips, whereas Nic had cod and chips. Our waitress explained that cod is the traditional choice for fish and chips, and it’s heavier and greasier than halibut. We all exchanged samples of the fish and agreed it was as the waitress had described.

I hadn’t been to White Rock in years and I have to say it’s a pleasant little place to visit. The air was fresh and the weather was somewhat co-operative near the end. It was a nice little road trip to cap off the end to the weekend.

While it was certainly a pleasant weekend, I must admit I ate good but unhealthy food for most of it. I wonder how many pounds I put on just in three days? Oh well, softball is starting soon anyways!

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